A Guided Journaling Voyage.

A Series of Deep Inner Analysis and Contemplation Exercises.



I trust you have enjoyed this writing series and that you unveiled new thoughts and ideas during the process.

Being able to move forward in any situation, you must first understand the different parts that work together that give you an overview of your life’s present situation from all angles.

To move forward, you’ll need to start from where you are right here, right now. The past is gone, and there is nothing to be done about it. Don’t dwell on it anymore. The future is unknown. Putting any kind of focus on the unknown will only bring more anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty. Therefore, it is vital to stay in-the-moment as much as possible.

Staying centered on your immediate goals gives you control of yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. By knowing what you need to do now, you can get right to it, and make it a short term easy to accomplish activity.

After each step, add the next one, and slowly work towards the big picture. You’ve already identified what that goal is for you right now. All you need is to plan accordingly, moving forward.


Goals are like a jigsaw puzzle;
you need to add one piece at a time
before you can reveal the whole picture.


Look at your daily steps as pieces of the puzzle that you keep adding unto until you have accomplished the end result.

…… and then you start the next item on your list and begin the whole process again.

Prompt #6 – Moving Forward


  • Write in your journal as a recap of what you would like to focus on now. (Lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, drink more water, connect with friends more often, spend time with spouse, start a new business, resolve issues with people, situations, business, etc.)
  • No one focus is more important than the other.
  • If you have a list of things you’ve wanted to get done, then this is the moment to do it.
  • Choose one item to focus and work on.
  • Remember: Celebrate your mini accomplishments before moving on.

Download this Weekly Goal and Accountability Checklist
to help you stay focused on your goals.

Make a copy each week and fill it in, preferably on Sunday to start your week focused and ready.

Download a Sample Format here.

REMEMBER: Your journal is your true confidant, your faithful friend, your authentic inner voice. Be as honest and truthful to yourself as possible.

END: Say this affirmation to yourself often.


“I am demanding of myself that I do what is necessary to elevate myself out of any doubt, uncertainty, and fears.
I am never alone. I have the company and guidance from Source.
I deserve to live my best life now.”


DOWNLOAD PDF FILE – Prompt #6 – Intuitive Guidance


I trust you have enjoyed this 6-day writing series activity.
I look forward to hearing what has materialized for you.

My appreciation to you for allowing me to walk alongside you on this journey.

If you choose to continue to work with me, feel free to connect with me.

Living Consciously,

Karina Felix


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