A Guided Journaling Voyage.

A Series of Deep Inner Analysis and Contemplation Exercises.


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     There is a moment in life when you just have to surrender. Always trying to be in control is exhausting and overwhelming.


“Ask and It Shall be Given Unto You.”

In truth, we should use the knowledge we have of the Universal Laws to Guide us.

  • It really is as easy as asking.
  • “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”
  • You must believe you deserve to have it.
  • Have faith that it’s already on its way.

    This process is a simple exercise for you to start believing in your Higher-God-Power-Presence within you and trust that Source already knows what you have need of you.

    Journaling is the channel we use to get the messages to appear in our experience. It is vital to Meditate and find time to be quiet with your thoughts.

     Allow your subconscious mind to connect with you. All you need is one Big Idea to create the lifestyle, prosperity, and harmony you desire in your everyday life.


    We tend to dabble in several things at once and Master none. It is crucial to choose one direction and to focus all your attention on that one Big Idea.

    By keeping your thoughts and focus on your desired goals, you transmute that thought image into manifesting into your reality.  Every time you take your mind off of your goals and focus on a new direction, you lose momentum. You’ll have to begin the process from scratch, which then delays your gifts and rewards from reaching you.

This exercise is for:

  • Business and career opportunities.
  • The kind of relationships you’d like with loved ones, children, family, and friends.
  • Remodeling your home.
  • Planning a major vacation.
  • Moving or selling your home / buying a home.
  • Change career direction.
  • Any major decisions in your life.


Prompt #5 – Trust The Process


  • Make a list of all the different jobs, projects, and businesses you are currently pursuing.
  • When you write them down, see which one gives you a jolt of excitement.
  • If none of them feel like “this is it”, then you are not on your path.
  • Reevaluate your options, meditate on it, and see what messages and aha-moments appear for you.
  • When a visual image presents itself, whenever it does, make a note and then decide to put all of your attention on that one goal.
  • Physically scratch all the other projects and lists you have in your journal as a sign that you will stay focused in just that one direction.
  • Write as much about that one exciting idea you have, and it will start to unravel itself one step at a time.

    The fun part about seeking assistance from Source is that once it presents you with an idea and you follow through, it will continue to offer you guidance and directions, each time helping you build on the last idea.

Do not doubt… just believe and trust the process.

In My Experience:
For most of my life, I have received messages and followed them without questions. Because of that process, each time things became difficult, a new idea would manifest into my mind. I would follow through, and before long, everything just falls into place.
        I opened a dance studio when I thought I was going to have no income to support my children and myself. The dance studio expanded into a kids’ summer camp, movie nights, and drama club. It just kept building and building, all organically without much effort on my part.
     Next, I was presented with an opportunity to manage a babysitting service and other opportunities. Before long, we were living a comfortable lifestyle and enjoying it very much.

       Because of Covid 19, my dance magazine was done. I meditated and journaled on what my next step should be and I waited patiently for an answer that would excite me.
This writing series presented itself to me a week later, and here we are…


When you believe and trust the process, you will never have to work hard, suffer, or stress anymore.

REMEMBER: Your journal is your true confidant, your faithful friend, your authentic inner voice. Be as honest and truthful to yourself as possible.
 END: Say this affirmation to yourself often.


“All channels of my mind are open, so that I may receive intuitive direction from the God of my being as to where to lay claim to that which brings me prosperity.”
Dr. Paul Leon Masters


DOWNLOAD PDF FILE – Prompt #5 – Intuitive Guidance


 I trust you are enjoying the writing process.
 I look forward to hearing what is materializing for you.

 My appreciation to you for allowing me to walk alongside you on this journey.

 Living Consciously,

 Karina Felix


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