A Guided Journaling Voyage.

A Series of Deep Inner Analysis and Contemplation Exercises.



Hi Conscious Dwellers,

     Now that you know where you are and where you would like to be, we could go deeper into the blocks that may be hindering your progress or creating fear that may be holding you back.

     Our conscious mind is wired to always be on the lookout for danger. As such, any new ideas, or thoughts send a full panic alert signal to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and dreams and goes into fight or flight mode to keep you safe.

     That’s the basic description of fear. It is not based on reality but on a perceived reality from past experiences you’ve had. It recreates the same feelings and emotions you had as similar situations of your past.

     Writing past this fear and conquering it head-on, allows you to cross over to the next side. You must let your conscious mind know that you are not in danger.  Then send a message to your subconscious mind that you are ready to move forward.


“To Conquer Your Fears, You Must Confront It Head-On.”


        I looked back at my relationship track record and knew something was amiss. Recently during one of my journaling sessions and self-analysis process, it finally revealed itself to me. As a child growing up with five other siblings, getting any quality attention from my parents was a battle. I choose then to fend for myself and not have to depend on anyone else.         
    That pack I made with myself carried over into every relationship after that, not permitting me from having a deep, meaningful relationship with a partner. It became easier to be alone than to engage in relationships. This eventually drove to divorce and unwillingness to commit. I stopped pursuing relationships, which further transpired into my work, daily interactions, and important decisions.
    Just having an understanding of that allowed me to work on this particular issue and get over this block in my life.


 PROMPT #3 – Conquering Your Fears

    Today’s assignment may be a little uncomfortable at first. We will trace back our steps to the moment you created this pack with yourself, consciously or unconsciously.
    I usually do not like focusing on the past, but it is crucial to pinpoint the moment or situation that created it in the first place before you can move forward.



  1. Think as far back into your past, and slowly scroll back to the present. Write relevant images that appear in your mind.
  2. Identify what you are feeling. How you were feeling? What thoughts come up in your mind when you think of starting a new project or sticking to it? What are the voices in your head telling you?
  3. Write down these thoughts, feelings, and voices in your journal. See if there are common words, topics, or situations that come to the surfaces.
  4. Think about how often you feel insecure about doing something. Initially, you feel exhilarated, and the next moment you feel the panic, and your heart starts racing, you then either back out or put it off.
  5. Acknowledge that your blocks are not real in your experience and that you have already overcome them.

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”
— Japanese Proverb


 REMEMBER: This is your true confidant, your faithful friend, your authentic inner voice.

 END: Say this affirmation to yourself often.


 “I affirm that in the Presence of God, I am already prosperous and that this prosperity is beginning to materialize around me.”



DOWNLOAD PDF FILEPrompt #3 – Intuitive Guidance


 I trust you are enjoying the writing process.
 I look forward to hearing what is materializing for you.

 My appreciation to you for allowing me to walk alongside you on this journey.

 Living Consciously,

 Karina Felix


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