Why did God let that happen? part #2

Why did God let that happen?

Part #2 – The Law of Allowing

           You take the same route to work every day. One day for no apparent reason you get this deep feeling that today you should take a different route. You are aware of this message that came to you, yet you ignore it and take the regular route. You then either are stuck in traffic or get into an accident. At the very moment, you think to yourself, “I should have taken the other road.” Even at that moment you still don’t acknowledge you were given a message by your higher intuitive self.

        You get to work or get home later and you share this story with your friends and family. Even then it is not acknowledged that your gut gave you a message, which you choose to ignore. This could have been a great learning experience for understanding how our intuition works.

        So your first reaction is to say, “ Why did God let that happen?” The truth is that your inner God did warn you and did advise you to take a different route, but because you are so out of tune with your intuition that you missed the message completely. You choose not to take responsibility for yourself and are ready to blame something or someone else for your bad luck, even if that someone else is your belief of what God is.

         When you allow your intuition to guide you, and you listen to the messages being delivered to you, you will avoid any misgiving and situations. Developing your intuition should be in everyone’s “Must Do” list. This simple act of learning to listen and act on your intuition or Gut feeling would save you from having many problems in your lives.

          When you think “why would God would create disaster and tragedy”, you are obviously not aware that such events were attracted by society as a whole. Of course, people will argue, “So people willingly want to have bad things happen to them?” The answer is simple. People are not aware of what they are thinking. They live in constant fear, uncertainty, and insecurities. Since we attract what we think, as an individual or as a whole community, we can attract bad events into our lives and experience without being conscious of it.

         As people start to develop their minds and control what they think and feel, they will be able to create peace and harmony on this earth and in their individual life.

            Know that We are God. That God is within each of us, therefore we are responsible for everything that happens to us, whether we are conscious or unconscious about it. We create our own reality. Reality is relative. What is real to one person is not the same experience for another. One person’s outlook on a situation will vary very much from another person in a different community, background, education, or lifestyle. Therefore each person’s reality is only real to that person and the mass group who do not think for themselves but just follow the pack blindly.

            Some belief system has been passed down for generations and each generation continues with the same belief system never questioning the validity of it or trying to make any changes or adjustments to it. This passing down of certain beliefs is what keeps certain situations just as is. The rich will continue to be rich for several generations, passing down this belief that it’s their right to be rich and prosperous and live a life of abundance. The poor believe that they have no chance of living at that level and will therefore not even make the effort to get out of their current situation.

        We must allow time to be still. Meditation, journaling, and just quiet time to contemplate are great ways to quiet the mind and allow intuitive messages to reach us. This lifestyle should be part of your every day living.

         Creating abundance, prosperity, harmony, and happiness in your life is an ongoing investment of your time, effort, and just being still.

Just Be . . . !

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