Part 1 – The Law of Attraction


         When something bad, devastating, and destructive happens, society immediately turns to God and blames God for that outcome. Yet when something good happens in a person’s life they are fast to pat themselves on the back giving themselves total and ultimate credit for that outcome. They blame God for all the bad; yet give God no credit for the good in their lives.

      As a growing number begins to Awaken, we are growing more aware of our connectedness to our Inner God-self and that we are the co-creators of our lives. Through our innermost desires and mindset, we can achieve anything in our lifetime on this earth.

       The Law of Attraction states that like attract like, therefore any feelings, thoughts, or action we take instantly send an energy message to the universe which then coincides with those same feelings, thoughts, actions; they duplicate and return to us.

      No matter what that feeling may be; happy, sad, depressed, joy, peace, or anger, this same feeling will expand or linger on because we put too much focus on it.

         Whatever we focus on will stay in our path until we change our thoughts and feelings. That is why it’s important to control your mind at all times. Think about what your thinking.

       People will wonder why they had ‘bad luck’ when they crash their car or hurt themselves. They don’t take the time to look at how they were feeling or what they were thinking before the incident happened. Whatever is happening to you at this moment, is part of a past manifestation. What you may not be aware of is that the incident pertains to a thought or feeling you had in the past. Everything that happens now, is part of a past experience, a past thought, an unconscious expression you made.

       Whatever you are experiencing now, at this moment are feelings and thoughts you had in the past. Therefore it is important to guard your mind at all times. What you are thinking and feeling right now will become a manifestation in the future. By the time this future event happens, it will be in the Now. I hope that is not too confusing a thought.

        The reason in metaphysical science, Buddhism, and other self-awareness teachings, the concept of being in the Now is very important for the development of your future life. To have a successful future, you should be doing all the actions right now so they will manifest into your desired goals.

       When you are constantly angry, depressed, and upset, these feelings continue to carry on into the future turning one day into one week into a year or a lifetime. The reason people never snap out of those moods and situations is that they keep it active in their life and in their thoughts every single day.

       The day you choose to turn that around and change the way you feel and act, is the day change will enter your life, and you will see immediate changes that start to bring more happiness and contentment in your life. Out of pure habit, many people stay stuck in their misery and so attract others in the same misery, and together they sit and sulk about how bad things are in their life and in this world.

            Once you make the decision to change these habits you will start to attract other like-minded people, you start to feel better about yourself and the world, and you slowly start to let go of the people and things that do not serve you anymore.

        If you are always in a happy mood, more happy days and good things will continue to come into your life. From the outside, it looks like “you are so lucky”. People look at others that have what they want and believe they are just lucky. They say the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the sad gets sadder and the happy gets happier. That only happens because we attract more of what we are and what we do. By staying positive and finding reasons to be grateful and happy, you start to create a life of abundance and prosperity.

         Manifesting is like making a deposit in the bank. If you want to accumulate a lot of money for your future, you have to start making deposits today. When the day comes to withdraw your money you would have accumulated a nice amount that will make you very happy. So too is how we manifest in our lives. We have to, right here, right now, make deposits of gratitude, happiness, and a positive mindset to see your life unfold and bring you a better future, Now.

       When you make a conscious decision to live in the Now you will directly contribute to your own prosperity and abundance.

Just Be . . . !

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