When is Detachment too Extreme?

When is Detachment too Extreme?



At what point, or level of understanding a situation, that we choose to detach ourselves from it?

Is it merely our own habits and belief system that we engage, to make a conscious decision of what we accept and don’t accept?

Does believing that someone else’s opinion which doesn’t resonate with yours, grounds for detachment, ignoring, and in the social media world, blocking?

Who gets to decide who is of high vibrational energy and who is low energy? Couldn’t we all be at high vibrational energy in our own time and space? Isn’t that part of the evolutionary progress of self-discovery and growth?

We are exactly where we are supposed to be at any moment and time. Our growth may be based on our knowledge of our conscious and subconscious mind. But is that grounds for one to judge the other because they did not reach “your level” as yet?

What if that low energy person is still on their journey to higher awareness and the so-called higher vibrational person just cuts them off because they are not at the proverbial same “level’, instead of being of service, mentoring and guiding?

At what point do we allow ourselves to be the judge of what level anyone should be, or is that just our own prejudice to what does not fall inside our own comfort zone.

You preferring to eat apples versus someone preferring to eat mangoes makes it alright to judge someone on the premises that their likes and dislikes does not exactly matches your own?

If we decided that blocking, ignoring and detaching from others is our easy way of protecting ourselves, then where are we leaving compassion?

How can we say we practice compassion, yet we are willing to be impatient with those that do not match our own pre-programmed criteria?

How can we say we practice compassion, yet are willing at the first chance to cut people out of our lives because at this moment and time, they do not fit within your pre-constructed mold?

At what point does detachment and compassion collide?

If we are not willing to look at a situation from a complete neutral stance and not be so eager to place it in a category or put it in a space to create our own comfort zone, then we are being judgmental and low-vibrational energy just as the ones we accuse others of being.

Doesn’t compassion mean to accept, help, and be of service to others?

If that is the fundamental acceptance of the word compassion, then is it all right for us to use it randomly, again, to fit it into our box of comfort.

We may not be of the same background, same upbringing, same ethnicity, same culture, same preferences, same habits and beliefs, but are we willing to accept that?

Is it just easier to rebuff someone because of his or her differences, unlike those that fall within our desired status quo?

Should we invest our time, money and resources to helping the world while ignoring those that love, support and show up for us in our everyday life?

At what point does the outside cause take precedence over those closest to you?

We detach from the outside world, to protect our delicate selves, but claim we are of service to that same world we want not be a part of.

I am wondering as I wander through this life’s journey, contemplating where I fit in and what I’m allowing myself to accept or to detach…

Am I willing to be patient and accept someone as they show up, just as they are, in the space continuum they are in right here, right now?

Am I willing to see the positive in them even though they do not fit into my mold?

Am I willing to be open and accepting and seeing everything from a neutral standpoint?

Am I willing to be of service to others and look on patiently as they grow into the person they will become?

Like watching our toddlers turn into adults and consciously deciding to accept them as the person that they are; not judging, nor forcing, not demanding, not expecting any changes just to make me feel better about me?

And so I wonder, as I wander: When is detachment too extreme?


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