Hello, and welcome to this 6-day guided journaling prompt to assist you in reaching your full potential, but mostly your peace of mind.

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Writing exercises not only became my go-to mode of self-analysis, but it also opened up feelings embedded so deep down in my psyche that for years I was not even aware of them until the moment it appeared on paper.

During moments of overwhelm, frustration, and anger, I sit down and let the pen flow. Once that energy is transferred out and away from me, I would be at peace.

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Writing in a journal is like confiding in your closest friend. I believe it is even more intimate than a friend since the pages will not talk back to you, judge you, and tell your secrets to anyone else.

It allows you to be humble and vulnerable, and the only place you can put all of your guards down.

I have repeatedly witnessed clients with deep trauma and blocks unravel their true inner demons: releasing them from their energy fields.

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Thank you for allowing me to travel on this journey with you.

I look forward to connecting with you and to continue to guide you in achieving anything you desire.

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Living Consciously!

Karina Felix

Be quiet, Be still, Be mindful, Be in the moment!