Human nature is a fascinating thing to witness and observe, especially during chaos and fear.
Fear truly brings out the worst in humankind.

I have witnessed the difference between living on the islands, living in the USA and being part of a Holistic tribe. What became clear to me this time around with hurricane Dorian are the different facets of people’s behavior.

Post-hurricane personalities show the need and willingness to be of service and assistance. People give in so many ways; from helping, neighbors and friends take down shutters, cut down broken trees, clean up debris, start fundraisers, send money and collect items to help others.

The true goodness can be seen all around and it is heartwarming to see people banding together to help each other. People show hope and faith and kindness in the aftermath of disaster and mayhem.

Yet, before the hurricane, people are selfish, greedy and inconsiderate. Their whole outlook is extremely shortsighted.

During the preparation for an oncoming hurricane they forget about hope and faith, they forget to be generous and patient. They are mean and aggressive. They think about their own personal safety and needs. Compassion goes out of the door.

Looking at the news and even walking into stores to get supplies, it was amazing to see how people would load up their carts with ten or more cases of water not considering that another family is also in need of supplies. They were upset when they were turned away at the counter because, thankfully, the store, in this case, Costco, added only two cases of water limit per family policy.

While getting gas for the car, I stood behind a group of guys who monopolized one of the gas tanks for themselves and their friends. They were calling their friends once they found a gas station that had gas, and stood in front of the pump waiting and pretending to be pumping gas while all the lines were filled with cars already waiting. They were not only being inconsiderate to the people that were already sitting there in line but the fact that they did not even pretend to notice as long as their own was taken care of, was all they cared about.

I must say that living on the same Cul-de-Sac where I bought my home 18 years ago; only one neighbor came over to see if I needed any help or assistance. I don’t know if I should feel sad for them or enlightened.

In situations like these, you see the best and the worst of mankind. People are not thinking that maybe I don’t need so many supplies. That maybe they should leave some for the next family, the next person in need. We all have different outlooks and situations.

It’s all in the perspective. Where do you live? What kind of home do you live in? Is it close to the water or further inland? Do you really need all this stuff or do you have faith that things will work out? At what point does the switch happen?

Living and growing up on the islands, I experienced a different level of humanity. Even though concerns for your own security were present, you still made sure that we are going to survive as a group. We had faith together; we made sure everyone had shelter, protection, safety, supplies and more, BEFORE, the hurricane. We hunkered down together and we supported each other as a community before and after.

Coming from a holistic mindset, and grateful to belong to a tribe of consciously present and aware folks right here in the West Palm Beach/ Jupiter and surrounding area, it was a breath of fresh air to read all the different posts and texts that were shared before the hurricane; sending encouragement, blessings, prayers and positive affirmations. The energy level was high and this afforded us as a tribe to relax into the process and the upcoming development. We felt supported and at ease.

Even though it is great that after the fact, everyone bands together to help, it is interesting to watch how this is not the fact when self-preservation is at hand.

I’m wondering; Are people aware of this phenomenon? Are their fears so great that they lose faith in the higher powers that protect us? Is the fear part of the attraction of more danger and disaster, not just for their individual selves but also for the community as a whole?

As Holistic healers, we have our jobs cut out for us. We, as a collective force should remember that in the face of adversity, to go inside self, be still, and send all that love energy downloaded into us unto the world, that they too can experience some peace, compassion, and harmony during difficult moments.


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