As a child, I was a student of Karina’s at her Dance School in Turks & Caicos. I took ballet, tap, and jazz with her over the course of several years. I never noticed at the time, in my most formative years, just how much those dance classes would impact my life and journey as a person.
       When I now reflect on that time with Karina, I realize that her dance classes meant so much more to me than simply learning how to do the moves with my friends after school. Karina taught me self expression, and the true importance of empowerment. Getting on the stage for solos in shows was always very difficult for me, as I was particularly shy as a child. However, she always made me feel as though I could do it, and beyond that, thrive when doing it. She taught me to get out of my comfort zone in that way and experience life in such a fun and unforgettable way.
        Karina was never just a dance teacher to me, she was a true role model. She changed how I felt about myself and the world in a purely positive light, and I will never be able to thank her enough for that. From her, I learned I was capable of so much more than my shy childhood self thought, and I believe that has immensely contributed towards who I am now.
       I only have positive things to say about her and know she would make an excellent Youth Empowerment & Guidance Coach. Thank you so much!
     Thank you for everything you did for me as a child. You helped me grow more than you know!

~ Hollie Hasting – Former Student

  “I wanted to personally thank you for building this relationship with my 10-year-old daughter as her “favorite auntie”. I know that sometimes she gets overwhelmed with either school, friends drama,  or extra-currícular activities but she knows if I can’t help her, there is always auntie Karina who offers a listening ear, a safe and comfortable place where she can vent or express herself and receive caring and professional advice on how to tackle any situation that presents itself in life… Thank you, Karina, for being there and making it seem so easy…”

Ruth Torres-Keam & Neyah Keam – Parent and Friend

         Ms. Karina is an excellent and very passionate teacher. My daughter would never have ‘trodden the boards’’ without Ms. Karina’s positive guidance and support. Georgia and I thank her immensely. We are very grateful for all the hard work she has put in over the years.

       Karina Felix was a dance, movement, and drama teacher at The Ashcroft School, and her Dance Studio.   She produced many productions over the years.   My daughter was a pupil who enjoyed attending her classes. Ms. Karina was particularly about ballet and at one point organized a wonderful trip to Havana, Cuba for her students to study ballet.   As the children were quite young I along with other Mothers went too. It soon turned into the trip of a lifetime. My daughter still talks about it. The trip culminated in a trip to watch the Ballet of Cuba, which was absolutely superb.

      Ms. Karina annually organized a 2-week trip to Philadelphia to study ballet. Like Cuba, this was very well organized with a strong emphasis on discipline and training as well as the history of ballet.

       Ms. Karina started my daughter (Georgia) on her art career path which has taken in classical voice, musical theater, theater, voice, and drama at the prestigious ‘Guildhall School of Music and Drama’ and Exeter University in England. In addition, my daughter was accepted at RADA Shakespeare Company, UK, and studied at Queen Mary University, London.   Georgia graduated last year. She has also trained as a classical soprano with distinction.   She is London Youth Theater member and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has her equity card and is currently working for a production company in London. UK.

Eleanor McKnight – Parent of former student  Georgia McKnight

I have had the pleasure of being taught by Ms. Karina Felix throughout middle school. She always pushed us to do our best, not for the grades or our parents, but for our own personal gain. Ms. Felix helped encourage me to go back to college when I felt I wasn’t capable of doing such classes. Her motivation and positive words have influenced many, not just myself. From dance to education, America to Turks and Caicos, there is a similar pattern here. Ms. Felix has one goal and it is to inspire her students to be the very best they can.

Thank you so much for the impact you have made on my life. Thank you for raising amazing kids who have been great friends to me. You are a great person, teacher, and mother. God Bless you, Sergio, and Kiara.

Jonathan Louis – Former Middle School Student


Ms. Felix was an integral part of my middle school experience. I always remember her being a friendly face and a comforting spirit during a time in my life where little felt right. It was so reassuring to walk into class and see her smile and feel her calming energy. Thank you Ms. Felix! 💗

Brianna – Former Middle School Student

Great supportive professional. Always taught with a sunny disposition that made it easier to learn from. Well rounded in education with the ability to give advice on any subject. A caring person that also helped with life advice. Amazing educator and person.

Esnaider – Former Middle School Student

   A wonderful lady, who was instrumental in my daughter’s life with respect to ballet, jazz and tap dancing. She did an excellent job teaching young girls to shine.

       It was such a pleasure having you teach my daughter ballet and tap dancing. May you experience the Joys of life and God’s blessings. Congratulations and all the best in your endeavours.

Gertrude ForbesParent of former student Sanadia Forbes

        I have lived alongside Karina Felix as she successfully owned, managed, and operated her dance school and a holiday camp for youths; also substitute in the Middle Schools and launched her dance magazine, while raising her two children. She has and continues to make a positive impact on kids’ lives; emotionally, socially, educationally, physically, and spiritually. This new venture of coaching teens is a brilliant one which I know will be even more successful than her previous ones.

Lori Robinson – College Roommate and life-long Friend


I first met Ms. Karina when I moved to Turks and Caicos Islands in 2002. At the time I was raising my infant child and was meeting a network of Expats and strong women who were what I now refer to as a beautiful tribe. Ms. Karina was a dance teacher at the time, a former Miss Aruba and Miss Universe contestant.  She had a dance studio where she taught the children of the island many forms of dance. She also had an after-school program,  summer camp, and fun Friday Movie popcorn Nights for the kids allowing the parents to have a few hours to enjoy themselves. What I loved about Karina was she always had a bright smile and her loving hands always full of little ones in tow.
       She managed to envision, create and execute beautifully elaborate dance shows, plays, and performances featuring the children while having every hat on from vision, to teaching, to having it on stage, complete with full costumes and choreography. She really has powerful vision, imagination, and the capacity to see things through. I was a former singer and artist. Miss Karina and I were a match made in heaven! I love and respect her soulfully.
          She has a passion for living and children and it has been a calling in her life for many years. It’s clear she is stepping into another purposeful life calling and I have full confidence in her abilities for she is a compassionate, powerful, and loving woman, or rather, a Goddess!
    Congratulations Karina, I love you.

~ Candy Barrotti – Soul sister

           I’ve known Karina Felix for over 20 years. She was the owner of Karina Felix Dance Studio, a very well-known Dance School in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. We worked together in different shows, performances, and dance recitals. Her commitment, positivity, and professionalism were impeccable! She taught over one hundred children all types of dances. She not only taught the art of dance but taught how to be kind, respectful, humble, and successful!

       I would always recommend Karina.  She will change lives no matter what field she chooses to pursue! Best of luck and success in your new path Karina!

Aretuza Caldas Garner – Orlando Dance Conservatory founder