Memorization is not Intelligence.

      Many game shows produced over the last decades were mostly created to test the extent of our memory. Thousands, if not millions of dollars, are being rewarded to contestants that can retain the most information and regurgitate it back to an excited studio audience and TV watchers wracking their brains to see if they […]

Slow Down

Move slowly. Take your time. Make each movement a conscious movement. Put your awareness and thought into it. We are constantly moving at such a fast pace; sometimes not even aware of the little accidents we are causing ourselves in between. We stump our toes, hit our head, and trip over our own feet and […]

Living the Conscious Life, Unconsciously!

Many of us have been living the conscious life, unconsciously. Meaning, we are not aware that we are following certain universal laws without putting much attention to it. We think nothing of coincidences, timing, serendipity, good, and bad luck. We go through our days as usual and never understand that every moment, every action and […]