My Teacher

My teacher, you stepped into my life at the most convenient time.

I had questions and needed answers. The answers were not coming quickly enough for my impatient soul.

I was floating in the air, anchored at nothing, grounded nowhere, attached to nothing.

A place between bliss and confusion, I stood.

What was missing?

Then, there you were — calm, ease, cool, and in control. Your demeanor was vibrating intensely. I received these vibes.

My intellectual mind took a break, and my inner self took over. Asking no questions, I stepped into the line of fire, right into your camp.
No fear. No doubt. No concern. Just pure trust and impulse.

What was this lesson?

Detachment. Is it possible I found a person just as myself, radiating so much energy yet so completely detached?

Guarded, yet willing to drop that guard to take a chance and explore the terrain?

We understood the risk. This risk is worse and more damaging than anything we’ve experienced or will experience in our lives.

We know the consequences of being vulnerable, of being wide open with no protection to shield us. We knew the chance we were taking of being captured, and still, we threw caution to the wind and allowed it.

I sit since then, wondering what’s the lesson. Why now? Why you?

And I learned a lot. I learned what detachment means. I have lived a life of pure and consistent detachment. But you took it to another level.

We created our boundaries clearly with walls and bridges high enough to keep intruders out.

Yet, somehow, we both let the drawbridge down and walked into each other’s domain.

For just a moment, we let go of our detachment, and the rules pertaining to it fade.

Can we ever put those walls back up?

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