Move Slowly. Be Aware.

Move slowly. Take your time. Make each movement a conscious choice. Put your awareness and thought into it.

We are continually moving at such a fast pace, sometimes not even aware of the little accidents we are causing ourselves in between. We stump our toes, hit our head, and trip over our own feet and so on.

Mostly you pay no attention to it. Sometimes you laugh it off; at other times, you keep going without putting any thought into it.

The realities of those mini accidents are messages from the Universe telling you to slow down and take notice. You are aware that you just stumped your toe or hit your head on the open cupboard door, you walk into a wall, spill your coffee and forget where you were driving to and miss your turn. That is you living in La-La land, the land of the unaware. You either claim to be clumsy, or you take no heed about it and give it no significance.

The truth is that there is much significance to these accidents. Everything happens for a reason, and even little mini mishaps and mistakes are a reason to stop you in your tracks and bring you to the present moment and make you evaluate what is going on in your life.

I’ve observed in my own experience that if I am not following in my right path that these mini mistakes and accidents become more and more pronounced if I don’t slow down and take notice. The Universe gives you ample warning to stop, notice, and change directions. If you don’t make conscious choices fast enough, the mistakes and situations increase and come more quickly at you.

If you do not become aware of this and make the necessary changes, you will find yourself in a challenging and more severe situation. The famous saying goes, ‘When it rains it pours,’ or ‘I had to hit rock bottom before I made the changes required to get me back on track.’

The truth is that we do not have to hit rock bottom to learn the lesson. We should be in learning mode all the time. Our gut feeling, our intuition, is the GPS of our lives. It tells us when to go straight, when to turn and when to swerve to escape danger. We don’t have to land in the middle of uncertainty and suffer the consequences. There is no need for such drastic teachings.

Being consistently aware of your surroundings and paying attention to right here, right now, you automatically start to move slower, pay more attention to what is taking place about you and you gain better memory. When you are living in the moment, you are not distracted by past or future thoughts, and this helps as well to keep you in your happy place.

Everything looks more promising and vibrant when you are focused on the here and now.

Practice daily mindfulness and see how easily your life and your perceptions are enhanced.

I encourage you to listen to your thoughts, follow your inner guide, and live in the moment.

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