Memorization is not Intelligence.

      Many game shows produced over the last decades were mostly created to test the extent of our memory. Thousands, if not millions of dollars, are being rewarded to contestants that can retain the most information and regurgitate it back to an excited studio audience and TV watchers wracking their brains to see if they know the answers before the contestants.

     Even game shows such as ‘Are you smarter than a fifth-grader’, are all designed to let you feel inferior and make you believe that you may have missed some important stuff in school or that you are not as smart as you think.

      The education industry is a billion-dollar enterprise with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon to profit from the rise and need for more education in schools and online.

      Yet, with all the educational programs, workshops, and information available to all, why are our societies not thriving and having a better standard of living?

    We have been making memory such a need-to-have ability to prove how smart and intelligent we are, but is it necessary?

   In this age of OK-Google, Siri, and Alexa readily available to give us any information and knowledge needed with just a voice command: why are we still making our students memorize history dates, locations, and timeframe? What is the need for this empty inconsequential information cluttering our brains with useless information that our conscious and subconscious minds do not need on a daily bases?

      Our students are graduating with full-on fear and anxiety long before they leave the school grounds. Their diploma is obsolete as soon as it is placed in their hands, and they have already accumulated an astronomical amount of debt with no job opportunity waiting for them. Then add to that that they may have spent all those years studying a specific subject that was not their true interest only to work at the job they don’t enjoy or fulfill them. Why are we still torturing our youth?

      So what’s Intelligence? Intelligence is using your innate guidance system, your Intuition that gut feeling, to lead you down the yellow brick road. It will let you know when you are right or wrong, when to do something or when to abstain. It aligns you with your true purpose and therefore creates the happiness we are all seeking.

       It is our duty and responsibility to do right by our children and offer them an education that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This education will also benefit the community and the world exponentially. Conscious, self-thinking, problem-solving responsible young adults are the solutions to all of our issues about global warming, poverty, hunger, and all the worldly fights we are fighting.

         Students spend most of their waking hours within the school system. They are giving much information about everything and little about what is truly important. They spend their school years memorizing, testing, and stressing about school. If students are spending so many hours a day in class, shouldn’t school be a place they would like to be excited about going to every day?

             In recent years we see a spike in holistic living classes. Adults are investing time and money to upgrade their daily living life skills to help them navigate what at times feels like a turbulent life. Most courses are based on simple everyday skills not taught in school when we were growing up, but the irony here is that they are still not being taught in schools.

          My question then is: If the new online education industry is focused predominantly on self-enhancement, personal and business development and how to create balance in your life, then why are we not yet teaching this to school-age children.

        Employees that work for such companies as Google and Facebook, where they are laid back, innovative, free to think and share, may have a different perspective about work than others working in a bland, boring, unattractive, and unimaginative workplace.

          Why would we do that to our children? Can we blame them for dropping out of school the first chance they get? I would be the first person walking out of a workshop or meeting that is boring me to tears and leaving me wondering why I am wasting my time, money, and resources. When our minds are not challenged, it switches off and drifts into oblivion to escape this reality.

            Children are so much more energetic and active than adults, and they need space to move, create, and share. They need space to play, laugh, and have a good time. The focus should not be memory-based learning but comprehension and application.

             I believe it’s time for us to focus our student’s attention on topics and situations that will benefit them in the long run. Subjects they can actually implement every single day of their lives and not only during their school years.

             Students should be taught the basic understanding of the Universal Laws, how to apply it in their everyday living style and experiences, and how to expand their growth into becoming the human beings their soul chose to be when they emerge on this earthly journey.

           The best time to teach this would be when a child is still young and able to understand, retain and implement these teachings in their everyday life which can drastically turn their lives around as well as start to make the necessary changes as they become contributors and collaborators to our communities and the economy.

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