It is a Tragedy or a Lesson?


Why do we have to wait until a tragedy is a “Real Tragedy” for people to show compassion and understanding?

Recently, my son was in a car accident. I got the dreaded call no mother wants to receive. My first thought was, it’s a call from his phone, so hopefully it’s him personally calling me.

Then I was put at ease, a little, to hear his voice as he said, “ Mom, I crashed the car”. I will say, that I felt a sense of peace enveloped me. My mind went to work. Ok, Lets start with the obvious and most important questions: Are you all right? Are your friends all right? Is anyone hurt?

My next question was where? Should I come? What would you like for me to do now? Whether it was call the insurance company, pick him and his friends up, what’s happening to the car, did the police arrive?

So may questions jump out at you in moments like these. I will say I was still in my cool state of mind. I saw the tragedy and the situation and the humor in it. Yes, humor, but mostly clarity.

What I’m writing about is how the world loves to sensationalize events. Yes, he was in a crash, yes he walked away with minor bruising and yes he has no car. And the only question people want to know is if it’s his fault. Whose fault is it?

At this point, what difference does it make whose fault it is. We as a society are so ready to judge and give opinions without a thought of compassion and understanding. He would have to have been in a serious condition for people to bypass the fault judgment and put on their “I’m so sorry, what can we do” game face.

In my personal opinion, he was being guided by his higher intuitive self, the one he doesn’t always want to listen to, because it makes too much sense and gives him a sense of having to be on the defense.

We are all warned before anything happens that it will happen unless we heed to the inner voice in our heads and follow through with the message. If and when you choose to ignore that warning bell going on in your head but still does what your egocentric self wants to do, then an unfortunate accident as this is just the next step. If you will not listen, IT will make you stop and take notice. Our Higher Inner-Voice Coach will keep you accountable for your decisions and actions.

These are the moments we call a learning curve. This experience is now forever ingrained in his subconscious, ready to jump out at him at anytime. It will be a constant reminder that says: remember the last time you didn’t listen to your inner message? Remember what happened? This is the kind of situation your Higher-God-Self throws at you.

The sooner you start to listen to your Inner Intuitive-Mind, the sooner you’ll see amazing changes happening in your life.

Be open to Receive!

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