A Guided Journaling Voyage.

A Series of Deep Inner Analysis and Contemplation Exercises.


During my Journey to Self-Discovery, I found that journaling was the best way to vent, analyze, problem-solve, and uncover my personal blocks.

This became self-therapy, and who else knows me better than me.

Writing exercises not only became my go-to mode of self-analysis, but it also opened up feelings embedded so deep down in my psyche that for years I was not even aware of until the moment it appeared on paper.

During moments of overwhelm, frustration, and anger, I sit down and let the pen flow. I would feel much better that I vented on paper and not directly at the person or situation that created my frustrations. Once that energy was transferred out and away from me, I would be at peace.

I also write to enjoy the emotion of happiness and good things happening in my life. I celebrate such moments by reminding myself to be grateful and appreciative of the blessings. In turn, these good feeling moments attract more good, positive experiences in my life.

Writing in a journal is like confiding in your closest friend. I believe it is even more intimate than a friend since the pages will not talk back to you, judge you, and tell your secrets to anyone else.

It allows you to be humble and vulnerable, and the only place you can put all of your guards down.

I have repeatedly seen clients with deep trauma and blocks unravel their true inner demons: releasing them from their energy fields.

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Join me on this Guided 5-day Writing Prompts to Guide you in receiving answers deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, using the Art of Journaling to unravel all hidden answers.

Jesus said, “That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.” The only one who can truly help us in our quest for awareness of our oneness with the Father is ourselves. We must bring it forth as it will not come from Universal Being or anyone else if we are not capable of receiving it.

Resource: The Metaphysical Bible


We are all able to heal ourselves from the inside out. We must first be aware of our gifts and talents.

Connecting with Source is the one true direction to receiving your answers. Transformation can only be attained through Meditation, Journaling, Affirmations, Prayers, Self-contemplation, and quiet time.

So be quiet, be still, be in the moment, be mindful … and the answers will manifest themselves to you.

Living Consciously,

Rev. Karina Felix

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From Sunday to Thursday you will receive a writing prompt in your email inbox. Each day a new prompt will be delivered to help you navigate your thought process and insights.

Starting Sunday, you will receive the first writing prompt. You can write whenever time permits. Preferably the same day to prepare you for the following prompt the following day.

Requirement: Preferably a Notebook and Pen for freestyle writing.

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