A Guided Journaling Voyage.

A Series of Deep Inner Analysis and Contemplation Exercises.



What an honor it is to have you on this journey with countless others ready to transform their lives. The fact that you choose to uplift yourself by committing to this program and achieve a better understanding of self, shows your true belief that there are more and better opportunities for you.

Sometimes making choices could be daunting and downright scary, but you will see that you have what it takes to live an amazing and abundant life. Sometimes we become stagnant and are not sure what is keeping us back.

In this writing program, I will guide you through some of the everyday common obstacles that keep us from leaping into the unknown and into the lifestyle we choose and desire.

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| Self-Healing | Self-Revelation | Self-Direction | Self-Guidance |


Release Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Frustration, and Overwhelm.

Find Peace, Love, Contentment, Harmony, and Happiness.

This program is a Guided Writing Prompt Series that will assist you to unravel hidden answers deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, using the Art of Journaling.

Jesus said, “That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.” The only one who can truly help us in our quest for awareness of our oneness with the Father is ourselves. We must bring it forth as it will not come from Universal Being or anyone else if we are not capable of receiving it.”                                                                                                Resource: The Metaphysical Bible

We are all able to heal ourselves from the inside out. We must first be aware of our gifts and talents. We must believe in ourselves and our capability to have anything we want in life.

Connecting with Source is the one true direction to receiving your answers. Transformation can be attained through Meditation, Journaling, Affirmations, Prayers, Self-contemplation, and Quiet Time.

So be quiet, be still, be in the moment, be mindful … and the answers will manifest themselves to you.

Living Consciously,

Rev. Karina Felix MMsc.

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See What’s included in this Package.