How To Receive Your Wishes and Desires Without Much Effort.

              We, as humans, allow outside opinions and suggestions to influence our personal opinions and guide us into taking certain actions. I see every day on social media, people asking others for help in finding a job, a love relationship, to resolve a conflict or to find peace and happiness.

            The truth is that we already have all the answers to all of our questions. We shouldn’t be asking anyone else about our own personal path, because their suggestions are based on their own past experiences, what their subconscious mind has retained, and what they believe to be best for themselves, not serving your best interest. They judge, have ideas, and share their thoughts based on what works for them, not you.

             If you buy a car and ask the salesperson which is the best car on the lot for you, they will probably sell you the car that will give them the biggest commission, because that will serve their own personal goals. So when you require advice, do not go outside yourself, turn inward to where the answers already await you.

          We go about our lives earning money, security, and comfort, taking the wrong approach. That approach has too much friction and resistance. It leads to burnout and non-fulfillment. So why take that path?

          It takes too much effort to go about acquiring your riches and fortune by going outside of yourself for help and suggestions.

    Even if and when you secure a new job, career, and income source, it doesn’t mean that you will feel fulfilled and passionate about it. Trying to grow your empire in that manner will cost you much work for little reward.

      Jesus said: “Ask and it will be given unto you.” If the premise is as easy as asking and receiving, then why are we asking the wrong people? Why are we not seeking Source for our answers and riches?

      Jesus also proclaimed: “Your Father knoweth what you have need of before you ask.”

       Then why not enter into silent prayer and request your desires? If the Universe already knows what you need, and will give it to you if you ask, then why are you still seeking guidance from outside influences that has no clue who you truly are and what your true path and journey is.

      I encourage you to do these simples steps to help you get whatever it is you desire of your life and lifestyle.

Meditate for 10 minutes each day. This is enough to start shifting the tide of prosperity in your life. With time and practice, you can increase it by 5 minutes every week until you find the amount of time that works best for you. For amazing results, try to get up to 30 minutes into an hour is excellent.

      During your meditation session, acknowledge that Source has all the answers you are seeking and is ready to give them to you.

Affirm that you are already in possession of your desires. Affirm that Source already has a plan for you.

Be specific. Unlike traditional religious prayers, that are begging and pleading for blessings suggesting doubt and uncertainty; in metaphysical prayers, you affirm, then reinforce your affirmation by being very specific of that which you want. Add all the details to your prayer and meditations of your needs and wants.

By having patience, you trust the Universe to bring to you whatever it is you have asked of it. It shows that you trust the process and because you know it is already on its way. You do not need to be concerned or worried.

Stay in a positive frame of mind. Don’t share your thoughts and desires with anyone that will not understand and support you. By keeping your wishes to yourself, you build up positive energy vibrations and the eager anticipation that will speed up the process and expedite your delivery, even faster than Amazon [just a bit of humor here, but still accurate].

Prayers are an effective way to communicate with your Higher God-Consciousness. Remember to be authentic and keep the focus in the moment. Include emotions of happiness and appreciation. This shows that you believe that that which you asked for is on its way and already knocking at your door.

Go about your daily life without doubting and questioning, how or when. This is no longer your concern. You’ve handed it over to God, and it is already done. I trust this brings you hope, peace, and eager anticipation of good things to be entering your life now.

I send you love, blessing, and healing energy.

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