Hate is Binding

By Karina G. Felix

Hate is about being right or wrong. Everyone wants to be right, yet our different backgrounds and belief system creates a divide in how we see our own reality and we base our thoughts, decisions and ideas on what we have learned during our domesticated lives since birth.

Hate is a strong emotion that sends out even stronger energetic vibrations into the universe. You become attached to the feeling of hatred.

Sadly, hate brings grievances and destruction not to the hated but to the haters. The negative energy a person expresses to another based on hate affects the person hating and not the hated person. Hate brings up old personal emotions, it creates inner stress and high levels of stress hormones, a chemical in our system that tells the brain that it is in constant fight or flight mode creating the body to be in full alert at all times.

This is the kind of stress that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the simple things in life. It ages you faster and manifests various symptoms of dis-eases.

When you’re advised to forgive and forget, the premise of these philosophies is to forgive yourself, to be kind to yourself first and to be vigilant of your own mental and physical health and well being. It’s really not about the other person or situation. It is easy to get caught up in hatred especially when you can air your upset over and over again with like-minded groups. This only attracts more of the situation and more unhappiness for the haters.

Your hatred does not affect the life of the hated person in any significant way, so why waste your energy.

In most cases the hated person is not even aware that they are being hated by that particular person and goes on with their regular lives while you stew in your own poison dwelling on what you should have said, done or could do.

At the end, there is no profit in hating, showing hate and especially using the word hate.

Hate is binding because of every time you think about it or talk about it, it grows in intensity; therefore bringing the hater more of the same emotions, circumstances, and situations; More unhappiness, so-called bad luck and things not working out smoothly in their lives.

If your goal in life is to live a happy fulfilling life, then forgive and forget, and focus your attention on something more rewarding and satisfying.  Distract yourself from bad situations and do something that actually brings you peace of mind and serenity every moment of the day.

The next time someone says something mean and derogatory, just remember they are talking from a fear-based stance and it has nothing to do with you personally.

You’d be surprised how liberating this practice feels.

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