The Written Word

The Written Word

Writing…. Words… Sentences…Letters

        Before we were taught how to write, we first learned how to read. We actually listened to the written word, first when our mother read us bedtime stories and later when we started school.

       We start with the alphabet, then putting these letters in various sequences to make a word, then putting the words into another set of rules and regulations to create sentences, which expands into paragraphs, chapters and finally a book. Of course now we have blogs, newsletters and websites. The general rule still prevails. The conscious writer still pays close attention to the basic rules of chapters, paragraphs and proper punctuation and sentence structure.

      The written word will never go away. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we interact; it’s how we express ourselves. It comes out of our mouth each time we speak. But the most amazing thing the written word does is help us heal, help us reminisce, helps us dream.

        Each time you put your thoughts to paper, you are allowing your mind to take a break. A chance to get those worries, thoughts, and fears out of you, traveling through your fingers onto paper. It becomes reality. It becomes something you can relate to. And all of a sudden you see the obvious and the answers come to you. Those same answers you’ve been looking for all along were right there hiding behind the clutter in your brains.


This is why writing as well as reading will always be around, from the beginning of time to the far future. It is important that we use it in an intelligent way and to create value to our world.

       Show yourself how much you love you. Go shopping. Yes, I know you just got really excited about that statement, but this shopping is a very focused with intention shopping for the notebook that speaks to you.

         Look at the colors, texture, the design; whatever grabs your attention when you connect with it. Then find a beautiful pen that feels good in your hand. Create a time, space and with total intent of the moment you are in, you sit down and write…..

      ……. I hope you enjoy the process and results as much as I do.

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