Part 2


I’m sure those words speak for themselves. 

Conscious Happiness is the ability to always find the silver lining. Always choosing to stay in a happy place no matter what the circumstances around you are projecting within your experience.

Being happy is a personal and conscious choice. You have to decide to be happy. You have to choose to be happy.

Being and staying happy is not an inspired moment thing. It’s not something you wait around for it to show up. It is something you have to create each time, each day, each moment. 

With ongoing practice and attention to your feelings, you too can achieve ongoing focused happiness.

We allow ourselves to be influenced by exterior events. When we leave it up to the Psycho/Physical actions of our body and mind to run the show, we lose ourselves in the game of desperation, depression, doubt, uncertainty, and so much fear.

The Psycho/Physical connection within us is the ongoing communication between our mind and our body. This connection is sending signals between each other that most people are unaware of. These communications can affect you positively or negatively. 

The reason we need to be aware of these communications is that if the mind receives a message that it is in danger it will send instant messages to the rest of the body to prepare for fight or flight mode. Our mind’s job is to keep us safe; safe from harm, change, and uncertainty. This particular model produces stress hormones, which are damaging to our physical body and mind.

On the other hand, positive signals release dopamine – the feel-good hormone. This hormone brings us joy and pleasure.

The release of these hormones into your system invigorates the cells in your body and brings it to a place of relaxation and ease, which improves your health.

Self-Mastery in Conscious Happiness is important for your overall health and wellbeing. Following the Law of Attraction Rule, we attract more of what we feel. If you feel happy, you attract more happy positive situations in your life. If you are nervous, sad, depressed, you’ll attract more of that as well.

Being conscious of your moods, feelings, and emotions throughout the day should be your main focus.

Here is my go-to system. 

First, find your happy place. A happy place can be an actual memory you have that happened in the past – A moment where you were laughing and having a good time. It could also be a fantasy, a place you created in your mind where you feel at ease and peaceful.

Whenever you feel out of alignment with your inner self, find a quiet place to sit down, take a few deep Conscious Breathes, and as you release the air from your lungs, think back to that happy moment and smile, maybe even laugh. 

Your subconscious mind will send a message to the rest of the body informing it that “We are happy and in a good mood.”

The dopamine is released, that happy feeling hormone starts to coarse through your body, and you are back to being in a good mood. The trick is to decide to change your mood early on before you spiral further out of control. This [time-delay] makes it more difficult and will take longer to get out of the bad feelings you’re having and back to feeling good.

I have asked this question many times and I’m usually amazed how many people do not know or have a happy place to turn to.

To find your happy place, I suggest you journal and do this writing exercise. 

Writing Prompt:

If you had all the money in the world, what would your daily life look like? What are the things you would do if you had the freedom to do them? What would a perfect day in your life look and feel like?

Think big. Think outside the box. Include any dreams or desires you’ve had or have. Don’t factor in whether you are married, a parent, a child, have a job, no job, where you live, etc. If your Genie showed up and told you that you can wish for anything you like, what would that be?

This question should get you to a place where you can create your happy place. In the future, use it as your go-to place for ease, relaxation, and bliss.

So, find your happy place and visit it as often as possible. 

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