Using The Art of Writing to Unravel Your Inner True Purpose in Life.




Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred.


~ Our Thoughts are energy. ~


    Journaling allows you to transfer your thought energy through your fingers and pen, unto paper.

     This transfer of energy allows you to release it from thoughts in your head and subconscious mind.

      Once it is released unto paper, you can further unravel the questions, uncertainty, and directions to assist you in Living Your Best Life.


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Signup Deadline: Saturday, July 11th, 11:45pm
First Prompt: Sunday, July 12th, 2020.


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      Fear manifests itself in many forms, emotions, and reactions. Sometimes you are aware of them, and on other occasions, you cannot pinpoint what is blocking you and keeping you from moving forward. It may even show up as illness, depressions, anxiety, and procrastination.

        I would like you to participate in this Guided Writing Prompt that you may unravel the answers to the questions you’ve been mulling around in your mind.


     As your Writing Cheerleader, I’m here to walk alongside you in reaching all your dreams, goals, and desires.

I remain,


Living Consciously,


Karina Felix


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  • From Sunday to Friday you will receive a writing prompt in your email inbox each morning.
  • Each day a new prompt will be delivered to help you navigate your thought process and insights.

Starting Sunday, July 12th, you will receive the first writing prompt. You can write whenever time permits. Preferably the same day to prepare you for the following prompt the next day.

Requirement: Notebook and pen if you like freestyle writing or a computer if you prefer.


Time and space are limited.
Signup Deadline: Saturday, July 11th, 11:45pm
First Prompt: Sunday, July 12th, 2020.


Thank you for allowing me to walk along side of you on your journey.


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I look forward to you joining me on this writing journey, and let’s see what appears for you within a week.

Bon Voyage!

I remain,

Living Consciously!

Karina Felix

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