“Il dolce far niente”

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing. In one of the scenes in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the conversation turned to “Il dolce far niente”; the sweetness of doing nothing. In European countries, this sweetness of doing nothing is part of their lifestyle. It is a way of life, their way of life. They understand that we …

How to Guide our Children to Discover Their True Journey!

Most parents would claim that they could only do the best in raising their children based on their own experiences, beliefs, and passed down information. Some will adjust their child-raising techniques based on what they liked or disliked from their own childhood, and what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. They use this information to create a new platform in their own household to do “the best they can do with what they know.” I personally have used this reasoning enough times to justify the perceived good or bad behavior of my children.