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Confidence is one of those words thrown around a lot in different circumstances. But what exactly is confidence in the minor context of the word itself?

Confidence is that feeling you get when a situation arises that you are not sure what the right answer is; As opposed to already knowing something and having a solution, confidence puts you in a new place to sort out new information, analyze it and try to find the best possible solution.

So, what is the problem here? The problem is our Minds-Ego. Our Ego doesn’t like challenges. It likes to stay within its comfort zone. When you allow your Ego-mind to get involved in the process, it will go berserk. The ego will run first and ask questions later. This is in the form of avoidance, defiance, deflection, defensiveness, anger, sarcasm, and you get the picture. All of our defensive mechanisms are alerted and go on overdrive. The first thing you have to do in this situation is to address the egoic-mind

At this very point, which is at the beginning, before too many rocket signals have been sent off to gather the cavalry, you must have an internal conversation with yourself. You tell your brain that you are not in danger and that all is well and you are safe. Then you start taking deep controlled breaths. My favorite breathing style is to breathe in on four counts, hold on four counts, breathe out on four counts and hold on four counts. The addition of holding your breath while there is no air in your lungs sends a different kind of signal to your brain. Your brain at such a point will stop everything else and focus on “what the … is going on here?” This is when you get back control of your mind and you can now redirect it to the actual problem at hand.

Once the talk to yourself and the breathing has calmed the body and mind down, the GPS, your intuition have a chance to do the job it was meant to do. Your Intuition and Guides now jump in because they just love a good challenge. Your job is to be a willing participant and allow the process to unravel before you. The longer you have been practicing this system the faster the answers will come to you. I am a true problem solver. Answers show up in my space sometime before I even need them. Because I know this, have experienced it for years, trust and allow the process, the answers are instant and accurate all the time.

You may ask, well what if that was not the right answer? To me, every answer is the right answer, even the answers that take you down a different road. Because in reality, you may not have been on your true path anyway, and having you miss the turn so your GPS can recalculate the route, is sometimes exactly what you need when you need it.

Now the hard part begins. You received a problem, you analyzed it to the best of your ability, and you received and accepted the solution, and now you have to implement it, share it, put it out there. This is when you have to completely believe in your true authentic self.

We’ve all done something against our wishes to help or please someone else and you walk away tired, drained, and depressed because it was not the right thing for you at that moment.

Are you able to speak your truth? Can you do what you have to do without worrying about what others say or think? Do you believe enough in yourself to shut everyone else’s opinion of you and your decisions out and trudge ahead with your head held high?

This is the true moment to see where your confidence level is. Most renowned authors have written so much on this moment. Only share your ideas with those that will support you and cheer you on. You know who they are if you’re fortunate enough to have a few of those on your courtside because there are so many more on the opposing team telling you that you are crazy, it’s not going to work, why would you do that, why do you have to do things differently?

Remember, you already had that dialogue with your mind; you don’t need to repeat it with the naysayers, or the non-doers. You have to believe in yourself, the process, and your intuition.

I take this process to the next level. Since it’s Source and my Spirit Guides directing this issue, I surrender and give up all control of the outcome. I trust whole-heartedly in what was brought to me and then I run with it. I trust that Source only wishes the best for me always. And with that self-assurance, I can go forward and do whatever it is that I need to do to fulfill my own personal destiny. My responsibility is to me first and yours should be to you as well. Without a happy, content, grounded you, you can be of no good for the good of others.

Self-analysis, self-trust, and self-love are vital for your everyday lifestyle living experiences; Happy you, therefore happy people in your inner circle.

So the question is: Are you confident enough to be your true authentic self?


Are you Confidence-Challenged? Would you like to be more self-assured and stand by your own rules? Do you want to feel comfortable with whatever decision and choices you make?

Feel, free to schedule a Free Discovery Call with me to find clarity and direction so you can continue to grow and succeed in this game of life.


Karina G. Felix

Rev. Karina G. Felix M.Msc. has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science and is pursuing her doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology. She is a Metaphysical Practitioner, Lifestyle Enhancement and Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Publisher, Serial Entrepreneur, Certified Speaker, Published Author, Expert Panelist, 100 Successful Women in Business 2019 Award Recipient, former Miss Aruba, and Miss Universe contestant.

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