Living The Conscious Lifestyle

I’ve always had a close spiritual connection with my Guardian Angel, which now I came to know as my Intuition and Inner-God-Self. Along the way, my interests shifted and life got in the way. I soon realized that without spiritual growth, everything becomes mundane and empty.

With a need to fill the emptiness, I started searching for … – I didn’t even know what. I rearranged my home consistently, dug and uprooted my garden, finally got a divorce and struggled with my personal and business life.

It took some time of reading, listening and meditating before I realized that the gap I was trying to fill was not on the outside, but deep within me. I like the entrepreneur in me, but also felt a strong pull to get back on my spiritual journey.

Like they say, everything has to fall apart before we stop, take stock and make the necessary changes to create peace, love, happiness, and abundance in our life.

I was searching for a way to bridge the gap between my business life, my personal life, and my spiritual life. I found them but all in separate places. I knew they needed to be fused together.
With that realization, also came the creative inner voice that suggested a new direction in my life. I listened and now I’m adding the action to the process, and here we are, the beginning of a new, exciting and rewarding venture.

I know we all have our moments when we are not sure of which direction to take next, but we can not give up on our ideas, dreams, and possibilities. I hope this page will have many answers to many questions we all ask ourselves at any given time.

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Be Open to Receive.

~ Living the Lifestyle You Desire…….. and Deserve ~


Karina Felix

Rev. Kimesha McDowell