Our life is an ongoing journey of transformation, learning, acquiring new skills, growing and contributing to the expansion of humanity, and a better living lifestyle for all.                                                                                                       

           Hi. I’m a serial entrepreneur, Enhanced Lifestyle & Spiritual Guide, Metaphysical Practitioner, Ordained Minister, author, and Youth Education Advocate. I’m a mom of two freshly into adulthood humans.

Working with young people has been part of my life’s journey. In my teenage years, I was invited to assist a Sports & Movement Therapist with a group of special needs students at the beach. That was the defining moment that I knew I would someday be working, assisting, and supporting a child’s journey.

As a non-traditional student in college, I became a Resident Assistant supervising over fifty students in my dorm. I’ve had to deal with trauma, suicide, bullying, insecurity, bulimia, anorexia, fights, various abuse issues and the list goes on.

When I had my own children, this vision expanded further as I got to see firsthand their ongoing growth and development, which included their friends as well. I then opened a dance studio, a summer kids camp, and Friday’s Movie Nights. Parents were more than happy to leave their children with me on a Friday night while they had date nights with their partners or time to spend with friends.

I’ve taught movement classes in elementary to junior high. When I moved to Florida, I became a substitute teacher and was able to have a direct insight into what happens in school and what issues students were experiencing.

The education system is leaving our children behind in knowledge, independence, and opportunities. I’ve seen it first hand and my mission is to close the gap between what is being taught and what’s missing.     

The pact I made with myself in my teenage years to work with the youth has come fully around as my soul’s journey has led me to this moment. 

I look forward to meeting and enhancing you and your child’s lifestyle and wellbeing.