About Rev. Karina G. Felix. M.Msc.

     Karina G. Felix wears several hats. She has a passion for reading, writing, learning, and education. She is a serial entrepreneur having owned several businesses in various fields.

     She is a Metaphysical Science Practitioner, Lifestyle Enhancer Guide, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Magazine and Book Publisher, Certified Speaker, Published Author, Expert Panelist, 100 Successful Women in Business 2019 Award Recipient, former Miss Aruba, professional dancer, dance studio owner, dance and academic teacher.

      Her blog covers articles on Education and The Evolution of Universal Consciousness: Integrating Humanities Evolution and Spiritual Consciousness.


      She is the Founder and CEO of ENHANCED LIFESTYLE STUDIO – the business of Enhancing and Transforming Your Lifestyle,  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE STUDIO – The Essence of Education in Excellence- a transformational platform to guide students K-12 into the 21st Century applying a Metaphysics and Success-Living principles, and VISIONARIES IN MOTION – Non-Profit Charity Organization


     Her life-long desire is to operate a school to integrate years of studies, research and passion of our true inner personal purpose to not just accomplish the youth’s dreams and goals, but mostly so they can find ongoing peace, love, and happiness along the way.

    I wish the youth a chance to have a head start in life.