“The value of a real Education has nothing to do with Knowledge and everything to do with Awareness”


What is the Essence of Education?


     The essence of education is addressing what students need to know, what they retain and how to Implement it in their everyday life.


     Once you have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your dreams and desires, the next step is to use it with intent and direction to fulfill them.


      Enhanced Lifestyle Studio is a guidance platform that will not only enable you to take your innate wisdom, passion and dreams, and convert them into actual income generating possibilities but also steer you into finding peace, love and harmony.


      This works whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your relationships, increase your income or just allow you to find the courage to pursue whatever you want.


        When you become aware of your true purpose and your Soul’s journey, you will intuitively attract that which you passionately desire.

Your True Purpose on this Journey is