5 Simple Ways To Tap Into The Collective Universal Mind To Resolve All Your issues.

By Karina G. Felix

Have you ever had a moment when you were met with a situation and you were not sure how to resolve it?

Then all of a sudden an image or idea pops into your mind and it’s exactly what you needed to fix the issue and the results were even better than you were hoping for?

You just tapped into the Collective Universal Mind.

This Mind that I’m referring to is filled with every idea, solution, problem, resolution, manifestation, thought, memory, and any situation you can think of, that has existed since the beginning of time, and we all have access to it.

Everything that has ever taken place since the so-called Big Bang Theory is stored in this space. Every scholar, inventor, spiritual guru and everything else in between, good and bad, is part of this Collective Information waiting to be retrieved by any one of us.

How do we access all the knowledge, wisdom and freedom contained herein?

It is a very simple process, yet we tend to overlook the obvious and simplicity of it.

Be still… be quiet… stop moving… stop thinking… just be… sit in appreciation, in gratitude.

Find a reason to smile and just sit with it.

You don’t even need to ask for anything, because Source already knows what you need and is already working to fulfill it for you.

As mortals living in our physical bodies, we have become impatient and self destructive with ourselves. We allow our ego-centered self to take command of the controls and the ego has no clue how to navigate the choppy waters. So we go in circles trying to create our deserved lifestyle while wondering why it’s so difficult to achieve.

STOP!… Right now!

You are approaching your problems from the wrong mind set. You keep hearing; you have to keep grinding, put more time into it, and work harder. That is not at all the way to creating the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Here are five tips you may want to consider:

1.  Meditation. We have this perception that meditating should be done only one way, but there are several different types of meditation. There are guided meditations, hypnosis, or sitting quietly and observing your thoughts as it crosses your mind. These images sometimes have the answers to your questions.  Make sure you have a pen and paper to write it down immediately.

2. Contemplation. Allow yourself some time during your day (mornings are preferable), and let your mind drift. In the early morning when I’m drinking my coffee, I sit outside with the dogs and have a Gratitude Session – a moment of taking in my surroundings, (dogs, trees, flowers, birds, lizards and all), and just be in appreciation. Then I do nothing. I drink my coffee, enjoy the taste, the warmth, the enjoyment of that first cup in the morning, and just let my mind wander. You’ll be amazed at the thoughts and ideas that will surface.

3. Journal. I’m sure you have heard this one before. But what actually happens, as you are journaling, is that your subconscious mind is really doing the writing. If you just let the pen flow and let the words appear on each line, you soon start to realize that you are either solving an issue you have been mulling over or you start to undo your own limiting beliefs. This is great self-therapy.

4. Affirmations. We now know through Quantum Physics that the mind is pliable and able to readjust itself to changes in our ingrained belief systems and habits. The same way these habits have been instilled in our mind is really the same and the only way to undo it, and that is through repetition. There are several great affirmation programs you can find on YouTube or online. These autosuggestion recordings are used to retrain your brain to believe positive, self-building affirmations that you listen to on a daily basis to replace bad limiting beliefs with positive self-empowering new habits. I’ve created my own reprogramming audio with my own voice and background music, instilling all the good positive qualities I’d like to strengthen and change some of my old belief systems and habits. You could do the same.

 5. Dreaming. Interestingly enough, we don’t pay much attention to our dreams, but our dreams have answers to the questions we’ve been pondering all day. Even if you do not remember your dreams, some of the information will spill over unto the day as you are navigating it unconsciously. If you wake up and remember anything about your dreams, do make notes immediately so you can analyze it and see if you can decipher any of it. Sometimes you can look up the meaning of certain images. All in all; sleep is a huge part of our wellbeing and sanity. So remember to get enough rest.

If achieving a balanced happy lifestyle is part of your goals and desires do start to make small daily incremental changes that will help you stay on track and receive your gifts and surprises for a fulfilling life.

We all Deserve to Live the Lifestyle we Desire!

Living The Conscious Lifestyle! ©

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